Spyware and Viruses

I read a statistic not long ago that said that everyone who owns a PC that has access to the internet and email either has or will be infected with spyware or virus at some point in time. In fact, well over half the calls we get are related to infected computers. Spyware and viruses cause everything from annoying popup advertising to crashed PCs to a total loss of data!

Anyone who has been infected with these malicious programs can also attest to how inadequate most anti-virus programs are at catching these threatts before they get on the computer. We are constantly on the lookout for newer / better anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that hit the market. And as they become available, we'll notify our customers and work with you to reduce these threats.

Of course that doesn't mean a guarantee that you will never be infected. And the people that have designed viruses and spyware keep finding ways to get around your protection programs. So we've developed methods and tools to help us clean your system of even the most stubborn ones. When you do get infected by one of the more stubborn programs, most tech companies tell you that you'll have to reformat your hard drive to clean it. We have yet to find a virus or spyware that we could not clean out of your system.

If you have an infected computer or would like to setup a plan of action to protect your computers, call us. We'll start working with you right away.

Spyware / Virus Tools